Episode 7: Testimonials and Reviews as Content


One of the best forms of content any company can generate, add to their website, or solicit is a testimonial. In terms of raw value, a single testimonial is worth a thousand articles and yet so few companies have a good system in place to followup with recent or current clients to get those testimonials.

This week on the GLS Content Marketing Podcast, Anthony and Micah talk about how to get good testimonials, ensure your Google Places account showcases your skills and how to develop a strong following of loyal customers who not only appreciate your work, but refer you to other companies.

Here are a few of the things we talk about in this week’s episode:

  • How to build a testimonial and feedback generating engine
  • Why referrals are born out of a simple testimonial
  • Some of the risks of seeding or faking testimonials and why to avoid it
  • How to get your Google Places profile up and running to generate more traffic

This and a few bits of information about Great Leap Studios and the services we offer our clients in a range of different areas, from basic branding services online to full scale content marketing for a brand new website or social media presence.

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