How to Write an SEO Article with Grammatically Incorrect Keywords

One of the biggest challenges a copywriter faces with keyword articles is using grammatically incorrect keywords in the content. This is especially common for small businesses looking to primarily compete locally that need their keywords adjusted for the cities they operate in, such as “Professional Copywriter Brooklyn.”

Use that keyword poorly and you’re left with content that gets dinged as spam by search engines. It’s important that you integrate this type of keyword into content without getting it red flagged, something that many copywriters struggle with.

But using grammatically incorrect keywords doesn’t need to be as difficult as it sounds. Depending on the preferences of the client, there are several ways a copywriter can craft an article with that particular term in it.

The “Of” and “In” and Dash Approach

Search engine algorithms are designed to recognize speech and writing patterns, and pick up keywords accordingly. As a result, search engines tend to recognize that words like “of” and “in” are superfluous to the content, and don’t need to be recognized as part of a “keyword.” So, worrying about syntax might not be that big of a deal, as…

  • Professional Copywriter in Brooklyn
  • Professional Copywriter of Brooklyn
  • Professional Copywriter – Brooklyn

… are often considered identical to the grammatically incorrect keyword. A lot of the time you don’t need to keep the keyword in its grammatically incorrect form. Instead we can just tweak the phrase a bit with a preposition and make it work.

The Annoying but Effective Approach

Still, not every keywords works like this and it’s impossible to know for sure how Google or Yahoo! weight the usage compared to a site that uses the exact phrase with no extra words. Some of these concerns are warranted, as while we can guess what search engines value, there is no way to ensure that they will pick up your keyword correctly. So you can do it another way, using what I like to call the “annoying sentence” method:

“If you are looking for a professional copywriter Brooklyn businesses trust, come to Great Leap Studios. We’re a team of two that specializes in copywriting solutions for your company’s needs. We accept all projects large or small, and pride ourselves on our ability to complete your job on time and on budget. As a professional copywriter Brooklyn companies have turned to for over five billion years…”

As you can see, “Professional Copywriter Brooklyn,” even though it was a grammatically incorrect keyword, was integrated into that paragraph twice in a completely grammatically correct way. That writing style is more awkward for the reader, but it’s neither grammatically inaccurate nor will it prevent potential customers from reading further.

Keyword Articles Should Be Easy to Read

So there you have it; two easy ways to put grammatically incorrect keywords into your content. Hopefully this little primer has helped you figure out how to provide content Google likes and your readers find valuable. And of course, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions about how to integrate keywords into your SEO campaigns or if you’ve found a fun way to get around the problem yourself.


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