Real Estate Content Writing and Marketing from Great Leap Studios

Real Estate Content Writing and Marketing from Great Leap Studios

Real Estate Content Writing and Marketing from Great Leap Studios 150 150 Great Leap Studios

The internet has changed the real estate market dramatically. Clients now do much of the research themselves, finding homes on websites like Trulia and Realtor, calling the agent (hopefully you) or calling their agent (hopefully also you) to contact the agent and see the home. This change has led more and more real estate agents into online marketing, and for good reason – the internet are where clients are, which means that the internet is where you should be. Your clients are searching for homes and realtors online almost exclusively.

Yet despite this, very few real estate agents invest anything in their website, and this is confusing: Why, when so many realtors understand the value of the internet, do none seem to engage in any online marketing?

Your Real Estate Website

Your website is your online business card. No matter where you meet potential clients, they are going to go online and they are going to learn more about you. They are looking to your website to learn more about you, your “value,” how much to trust you and more.

Your website is also how clients can find you. Yes, online marketing in the real estate industry is very competitive because of third party websites and real estate conglomerates, but if you market correctly and commit, you’ll get dozens if not hundreds of potential clients through your website.

Real Estate SEO and Content Writing

Your website really is that important, and that’s why if you really want to grow your real estate business, you should be investing in online marketing and content writing. Quality content writing provides everything you could possibly need to improve your online presence:

  • More Hits – Content, including main website pages and blogging, improves your website’s rank in search engines. Consistent, high quality writing with new pages added on a regular basis will move you up so that more customers can find you, and help you target pages they may be looking for.
  • More Trust – Quality writing also builds trust with readers. When readers see a website with a lot of pages, information, and more, they start to trust you, and that makes it more likely they’ll call you for your services.
  • More Targeted Clients – From targeting different cities to targeting different areas of real estate, a broad website with a lot of pages allows you to appeal to more potential clients.

These are the reasons that content marketing and real estate SEO are so important, and if you can’t do it yourself, you call a company like Great Leap Studios. We create blog posts, new website pages, and more to get your name out there, encourage visitors to call you, and to help you make sure that those you network with are able to learn more about you.

Real estate content writing and marketing have a lot of benefits, and we’re happy to tell you more about them. Contact us today at any time.