Pool and Spa Content Marketing Strategies

One of the biggest challenges for us as a content marketing company is to develop a focused plan for B2C companies that provide big ticket products and services. The message needs to be hyper-targeted to a very specific mindset, both in terms of what will trigger a purchase and what will lead to a search result.

I’d say we’re pretty good at it.

The issue, and one reason a lot of companies that fit into this mould, especially pool and spa installers and service providers, is that their marketing campaigns don’t quite focus on the needs, questions, and mindset of the target customer.

This is a huge hole in SEO marketing and one of the reasons so many companies struggle to get the traction they’re looking for when marketing online.

SEO for Pool and Spa Companies

Just as an example, let’s look at how we could market a pool and spa company in an ongoing content marketing SEO campaign.

Most SEO companies would create a long list of keywords – with 4-5 core terms and 15-30 long tails, often location focused. They then build pages around each of those terms and start linking.

Don’t worry about the technical aspects here – the bottom line is that it’s a cookie cutter approach. One of the many reasons that straight SEO doesn’t work like it should.

For pool and spa companies, SEO needs to be a customer focused endeavor. It needs to look at not only what will rank in search engines, but what the IDEAL prospect actual cares about, and in turn, what will drive them to convert into a customer. That’s what we do as content marketers.

Content marketing involves researching and answering questions, developing useful tools for customers, and ensuring people see you as a resource in that industry, not just another salesperson.

Call Great Leap Studios for the Content-Focused Difference

If you want to rank higher in search and you own a pool and spa company (or any high ticket product or service company), keep in mind that it takes more than just keywords and technical know how to reach your goals. You need a strategy – and that’s exactly what Great Leap Studios offers. Contact us today to learn more.


  • Micah Abraham

    Micah Abraham is the owner and lead content writer at Great Leap Studios (https://GreatLeapStudios.com) and High Volt Digital (https://HighVoltDigital.com).
    Micah has over 15 years of content writing and digital marketing experience, and has owned and operated Great Leap Studios since 2013 and High Volt since 2022.
    He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Washington, and has researched and written content on a wide range of topics in the medical and health fields, home services, tech, and beyond.
    Micah lives with his family in California.

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