Examples of Roofing Content and Blog Post Ideas

Property owners typically don’t think about their roofs until they have a problem. When that problem arises, they need to find an experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractor fast, making the internet a popular place to begin their search since it provides immediate results. A quick search will turn up some top results for contractors in their area. If one of those top results isn’t you, you might be missing out on customers.

Getting your roofing business to be one of the first that search engines display requires search engine optimization for your site. One of the most effective ways to do this is to add more content to your website. Whether as web pages offering information about your business or posts to a blog on your site, regular fresh content will help search engines rank your website more highly.

If you need help with content writing for your roofing business, be sure and contact Great Leap Studios. We are a content writing company that knows how to generate as much content as you need to thrive.

Roofer Content Writing Topic Examples

Typically, when novice writers try their hand at content writing, they tend to focus on the big picture. They write vaguely about big overview topics, and they run out of ideas within a few moments.

But there are no rules with content writing. You can be as detailed and specific or creative as you want. In roofing, this means you don’t have to focus solely on overview topics. You can delve into content that is as specific as you want it to be. Consider the following examples of content ideas for roofers, where each line can be potentially dozens of different blog posts or new site pages on their own:

  • Pros, cons, or comparisons of different roofing materials.
  • Different tips and techniques for DIY caring for a roof.
  • Information about each service you offer, as specific as possible.
  • Seasonal considerations for roof maintenance (removing snow, leaves, and preparing for spring).
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about roof replacement.
  • Warning signs of roofing issues for different materials.
  • Roofing concerns in your area, like hurricanes or wildfires.
  • Environmentally sustainable roofing options.
  • Different parts of a roof and what each part does.
  • What to look for in a roof during home buying.
  • Considerations when installing solar panels on your roof.

As content pages or blog posts, these topics can provide the basis for information, “how to” articles, lists of tips, and more. Each topic can also be used for potentially hundreds of pages of content. This ensures that you have dozens of options to choose from for new content so that you can continually add to your website.

Another option for generating content is to partner with a roofing content writer. Instead of taking time out of your schedule to develop and write relevant posts for your roofing website, our professional team can handle your digital marketing for you. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to learn how we can help build your business.


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