Google Pagerank Appears to Be Updating Today

We’d say we’re not ones to toot our own horn, but let’s be honest – if we didn’t, who would toot it? With all of these horns lying around here all un-tooted, someone has to toot them. It may as well be us. After all, they are our horns. Seems like a no-brainer.

Word on the street is that the November 2012 Google Pagerank update has finally been released. Although it doesn’t appear to have hit every site yet, indicating that it may be a several day adventure. It started last night, on the 7th, and appears to be continuing today. If it finishes up tomorrow, that would mean that the update took place between the 7th and the 9th of November.

From our blog last week:

From what I’m aware, Google chooses when they want to release it. That is why I expect it roughly one to three days after the presidential election.

This would be “late” by Google standards. But often after they release a new pagerank, Google makes news, and so it seems like a safe assumption that the update will be released when they have a chance to be the top news story. In all likelihood, that will be roughly November 7th to November 9th.

As a hammer would say: “Nailed it.”

We had a few commenters run through the blog and send us emails that it would be released last week, and that we were wrong about the dates. I’m not one for being petty, but here is an equals sign and a capitalized “p” to show how I feel: =P

So there you have it. Your pagerank should be updated soon, and in another 3 months it will be updated again. Those that haven’t seen the pagerank update they hoped for should contact us today, and find out how we can help you increase your hits and pagerank by the next few updates.

One final note before we end this post: Pagerank itself is meaningless. Google’s algorithm updates its internal pagerank thousands of times a day. It simply doesn’t release it to the public. While it’s nice to have a numerical representation of your progress, what you really want is more hits. So don’t rely on pagerank alone – or at all, really. Look at your analytics. If you’re seeing your hits increase exponentially, you’re on the right track. If you’re not, adding content should be your top priority.


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