Podcast Episode 6 – What to Write About?

Podcast Episode 6 – What to Write About?

Podcast Episode 6 – What to Write About? 150 150 Great Leap Studios


The Great Leap Studios Content Marketing Podcast is back. This time around, we talk about a lot, but mostly we talk about how to get the very best ideas on the screen for your blog posts, content pages, FAQs, Facebook posts, etc. Every week we get questions from clients and prospects about how to generate new ideas for blog posts constantly.

In episode 6 we break out all the big guns and describe how we generate all of these ideas for our clients, from the best topics to engage with target customers to building a loyal, recurring audience that will keep coming back to your site or Page over and over again. Listen below:

Here are a few of the things we talk about in this week’s podcast:

  • The best way encourage people to keep reading your content after it’s been posted.
  • How to leverage fresh ideas and content for quick readership
  • How to create an ongoing, eager readership that will keep coming back on Facebook
  • How to create a content calendar in advance to save time

Plus we ruminate on why jury duty is a lot like building a content strategy for a website – you’re obligated to do it, and half the time you get to go home early.

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