Finding the Right Candidates with Engaging Job Advertisements

Finding the Right Candidates with Engaging Job Advertisements

Finding the Right Candidates with Engaging Job Advertisements 150 150 Great Leap Studios

An effective job posting is a form of marketing. You are essentially marketing your business, where the customer is the applicant you’re hoping will apply. You need to give an accurate representation of the job, build interest, and get your posting in front of your target demographic.

Like any marketing, however, there are challenges and techniques to make a job posting a success. Strong job postings will help bring the best employees to your business so that you can continue to grow.

What to Include in Your Job Posting

Once you’ve thought about the responsibilities of the job and what qualifications your ideal candidate will have, you need to convey this information to potential applicants. Your job posting can go on job boards, assist recruiters, and be circulated among candidates.

In all these settings, the average qualified applicant has hundreds of options to choose from when applying for jobs. Incorporating the relevant information into your posting will help bring the right candidates to you and make them enthusiastic about your company. To make this possible:

  • Use a Clear Title – To connect the right candidate to your position, select a title that makes sense in the industry. A little research among competitors can help guide you. Avoid jargon or internal terms that might be confusing.
  • Set Your Company Apart – When applying for a job, the company is often as important as the job itself. Use your introduction to let applicants know what makes your company different, why your employees enjoy working there, and who will fit into your culture. Benefits and pay are worthwhile too, but try to give a good picture of your mission and culture.
  • List the Job Requirements – A job posting is not the same as a job description. A description is for internal use and lists all the responsibilities an employee might have in the course of their work. A job posting is to sell the job to your future hire. Choose only the job’s most essential tasks to provide an overview of what the role will entail rather than the more mundane tasks.

Like any material your company puts out, the job posting should be easy to read. Bullet point lists for duties or requirements are more effective than a paragraph. If you find yourself making a list of similar tasks, combine them for a more engaging and straightforward read.

Job postings should use second person (“you” rather than “the employee”) when referring to the role. A posting hopefully speaks to your next employee, and this inclusive language builds excitement for your company.

There are many factors that go into creating a strong job posting, and the right posting guarantees you find the right candidates for your company. With both recruitment writing and consulting services available, Great Leap Studio can ensure that your postings are unique and professional. We have worked across dozens of industries to help businesses grow. Contact us to find out more about how we approach job postings.