Can a Coffee Shop Benefit From Internet Marketing?

One of the things we try to promote is the idea that every company can benefit from an online marketing campaign. Generating business for your company is about reaching as many potential customers as possible, and by marketing your company online, you’re creating another way for your business to communicate with customers and generate revenue.

If you have a small coffee shop, for example, there are ample ways that you can use Internet marketing to your advantage.

Low Competition/Better Expected Results

Local search is where small businesses generate the most income. However, if there is a lot of competition, you need a fairly decent marketing budget in order to win out. Coffee shops are a low competition market. You can easily rank for important keywords, and beat out most other coffee shops in the area with a smaller budget than other industries.

Yelp and Yelp Marketing

While adding your business to Yelp is obviously an important part of marketing your coffee shop, it’s also possible to market Yelp. When someone searches for “City Coffee Shop” they receive a page with some of the top Yelp search results, likely before they receive any website or local search results. It’s possible to add an aspect of article marketing that is designed to help your own Yelp page rank higher, so that you show up in more than one location within search engines and ultimately garner even more traffic.

Generating Buzz Over Your Coffee

Finally – and consider this a business tip as well as a marketing tip – you can make your coffee shop interesting in a way that generates buzz in both the online and offline communities. Offer unique and interesting coffees or coffee brewing options from around the world, invent a drink, or create a secret off-menu coffee that you can only order if you know to order it, such as a mocha made with a rare Persian Chocolate and Kona Coffee.

Boring coffee shops can still be marketed, but unique coffee shops have the potential to spread much faster. Offer any drinks that are interesting/unique/rare, use it in your Internet marketing campaign, and you’ll quickly generate buzz around your coffee location.

Marketing Any Business

Coffee shop marketing is just one example of how any business can be marketed online, provided you have a budget and a willingness to compete with more than just a storefront. There are so many companies that don’t believe in online marketing and its potential impact on revenues, but with the right marketing tips and the right SEO company, you’ll find that any business can benefit from this method of advertising.


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