How to Easily Run a Blog – An Example Using Antique Stores

It’s not all the time that we tell other people how to make content without our help. We know that our writing will get you results, because we’ve been providing high output, high quality writing for a combined 10 years between us, and the amount you save in time is well worth the cost of our services.

But for the sake of understanding content, let’s look at how a smaller company can utilize content marketing on their own. For this example, we’ll use antique stores.

Low Budget Marketing

Antique stores these days aren’t necessarily struggling, but very few are thriving, because few people have the money these days to invest in those types of collectibles. What this means is that most antique stores have:

  • Almost no budget.
  • A need to attract more customers.

It’s crucial for antique stores to find more ways now to generate business, but few have the means to do it. I actually have a small space at an antique mall, and the mall itself does not even have a website, and has no method of attracting customers beyond those in the city. I spoke with them about starting a website, and their response was that they didn’t have anything to write about, or any way to market it.

This is what I hear often from small stores like this – they honestly believe that they can’t build a website that competes, because they don’t have the time or ability to build a high content website. To this I say: “Bah!” Or something like Bah.

Antique malls are a perfect example of how content can easily be crafted without much thought or effort. Every antique store is filled with thousands of items. All the company has to do is start a blog, and every day take a photo of one item and provide a brief description and a price. That’s it. They don’t need to sell online. They don’t need to add tons and tons of content. They don’t need to think of new topics every day. All they need to do is take a photo, write a small paragraph, and call it a day.

Fast Content Marketing

This type of strategy is not true content marketing. For true content marketing, you need to add more useful content, along with considerably more words to help you out in search. But what this does do is give a website depth, and since few antique stores do any marketing at all, any website that has this type of depth is far more likely to rank well in local search, thus generating more business.

High quality copywriting from content experts like us at Great Leap Studios is still the most effective way to improve your online visibility. But even if you don’t have the budget for true content marketing, there are often easy ways you can build your website that will help you compete with other companies and help your small business succeed.


  • Micah Abraham

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