Examples of Antique Content and Blog Post Ideas

It’s not that common for antique stores and antique malls to think about online marketing. After all, antiques are viewed as a hobby for later in life, and the stereotype of experienced men and women is that they don’t use the internet.

But the baby boomers are retiring, and more and more of them now have decades of experience with computers and search engines. In addition, antiques are becoming a popular trend among youth that value things that are more vintage and “classic.” If you can get your antique store online and market it well with a great website, you can really attract a steady flow of customers even in today’s bad economy.

Online Marketing for Antique Stores

The best way to market your antique business online is to add content to your website. We’ve spoken about this many times in the past (each one is a new link), but essentially antique content is easy to write, potentially very profitable, and can even attract people in other cities or states provided you’re willing to ship.

While we would be more than happy to write antique content for you, we also understand if you want to write your own content to save money. That’s why if you’re looking for antique content ideas, the following represent several potential articles that you can use as informative content or blog posts:

  • Item of the day/week (feature an item and its price – 52 to 365 posts right there).
  • How to spot real vs. fake types of antiques.
  • Types of antiques and collections.
  • How to start a collection.
  • Symbols and manufacturers of various antiques.
  • Terminology definitions for different antique types.

It doesn’t look like a long list, but you’re looking at potentially thousands (technically unlimited) antique articles if you want. For example, you can feature an item every day and you have 365 posts immediately. Make sure you add text and information though for search engines, and try to feature different items unless you have a specialty.

Information on types of antiques is also unlimited as well. It’s not just “types of ceramic,” for example. You can actually do specific types of pots, specific eras of pots, things like that. You can also cover different eras for the antiques, you can cover different locations (national and international). There are simply countless topics to write about, and all of them should also be a lot of fun to research.

Writing Your Antique Content

Because of the economy, it’s understandable if you don’t want to invest too much in having a company like Great Leap Studios write the content for you. So you can always use the above ideas to write antique content for yourself, and keep your website running and attracting hundreds of potential clients for years to come.


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    Micah lives with his family in California.

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