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I had a funny thought this morning. Do call centers advertise?

I figure everyone advertises to some degree, right? But what about a company that essentially is an advertising firm? Do they pay for outside advertising or do they just rely on their own services to contact potential clients?

I imagine it depends on the company, but more than once I’ve seen companies that rely too heavily on internal resources or knowledge, and miss out on dozens of possible ways to grow their business.

For a call center, this could mean missing out on the huge benefits offered by SEO and content marketing.

Why SEO and Content Marketing are Perfect for Call Centers

A call center fulfills a very specific need for other companies. When a company needs another company to handle making phone calls, selling products, or closing deals and scheduling appointments, they want a call center with high success rates and well trained callers.

So they start by searching for those things in Google. But then they look for proof. A call center that uses content marketing and SEO services in tandem can show up first in search engines and then provide the wealth of information needed to show prospects that they are indeed one of the best options around.

Things like:

  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Sample Scripts
  • Guides and How-Tos
  • Blog Posts

Information about marketing, running a business, building a platform around cold calling or appointment setting, and generally being smart about how to create more interest in your products and services – a call center website can be a hub for all of this and more.

Great Leap Studios Offers Content Marketing for B2B Companies

If you own a B2B company like a call center, Great Leap Studios is here to help. We can ensure you get everything you need to drive traffic, convert visitors and improve overall performance of your website. Contact us today to learn more about call center SEO or content marketing in general.


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