Examples of Nail Salon Content and Blog Post Ideas

Small businesses with limited competition are some of the prime beneficiaries of content marketing and online marketing. Rarely do local businesses think about online marketing, instead preferring to depend on nothing more than a storefront sign. But with the right website content, any local business can instantly compete and gain a loyal following from those that search for their industry online.

Nail salons are a great example. Nail salons and spas rarely market their services online, and yet if they do they can often receive considerable business from internet searches. But of course, for people to find you, you still need to have nail salon content. The following are several content ideas for those creating a nail salon site.

Nail Salon Content Ideas

It should be noted that each of these represents more than one article. While there is a tendency to group answers  together, the goal of content is to answer someone’s question. So focusing an entire article on the answer to that question is the best way to create hundreds of pages of specific content that is valuable to the reader and helps with your search engine rank. Content ideas include:

  • Introduction to what’s involved with each specific manicure and pedicure service.
  • How to tell the difference between good and bad nails.
  • Tips for choosing nails for your personality, body type, age, etc.
  • Detailed descriptions about spa service options, including those not provided by your company.
  • Hand, foot, and nail maintenance tips.
  • Matching nail types to events.
  • How to discuss your nail preferences with your salon artist.
  • Tips for how to create great nails at home.
  • Strategies for interesting nails, including stencils.
  • Nail color choices or polish information.

Remember that one of the best ways to get more business is to offer tips and strategies for people to do their nails at home. It’s not always about selling your service. Sometimes it’s about branding your nail salon by showing people how they can craft amazing nails on their own, pamper their feet, or anything else that may answer their questions.

The above list could potentially provide you with hundreds of pages of content in no time, or you can pay a company like Great Leap Studios to write the content for you quickly, so that your website can be well developed and offer excellent value to the reader, ultimately landing you at the top of search engines.


  • Micah Abraham

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