Hair Salon Marketing: Easy to Compete SEO

One of the things we’re extremely excited to offer here at Great Leap Studios is what we refer to as a “website partnership.” Basically, we’ll create a website for you, for free, and at the end of three months you’ll have the option of renting it, buying it, or walking away without paying a dime.

This is a new strategy for us, and in the process we’re looking at industries that are easier to compete so that you have the best opportunity to rank well for these partnership websites.

How Easy it is to Compete in Hair Salon Marketing

Which brings us to the title of this post – the hair industry, most notably hair salons. Most salon owners barely think about online marketing, instead using word of mouth and a sign to attract customers. So you may be surprised to learn that in any given month, as many as 5,000 people or more may be searching for a salon in your area.

We ran an easy search – “Hair Salon Seattle” – and found that the term has been searched for 8,500 different times. That’s 8,500 potential customers per month, and that doesn’t include variations of the keyword like “hair salons in Seattle” and “best Seattle hair salon.” This one city alone has nearly 10,000 searches.

But it’s not competitive. There are a few good websites, and it is sometimes hard to rank above Yelp, but the reality is that this is not a competitive keyword. In one of the largest cities in the country, hair salons do nearly no online marketing and do little to take advantage of the ease of competition.

Having a Website is Valuable on Its Own

In addition, merely having a website is valuable in its own way. When someone does recommend you, the person that receives the recommendation doesn’t simply immediately go to your salon. They research you. They Google you. So when you have a website that they can find, that ranks well and is filled with interesting content, you really do give yourself the best possible chance to get their business. Even if you never show up in keyword searches, an in-depth website can make a drastic difference in your business.

Hair salons are yet another example of a small business that can benefit from SEO and content marketing. There is simply little reason to avoid it, and the cost to you is much less than the revenue it has the potential to generate.


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